Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Learning something new!

I have decided that I want to learn to crochet. Armed with a book, a hook and lots of YouTube videos I have done just that.

Crochet Swatch

I have been wanting to make a blanket for a while. I even bought yarn to do it but after a while of knitting on it I decided that knitting really wasn't the right way to go. So after finding this great blog with tons of inspiration and directions on how to do it I started to crochet. It is easier to pick up since I already knit and I knit continental so tensioning the yarn in my left hand comes naturally. I have already started the foundation of the blanket and can't wait to get moving along. I also decided that chaining and then single crocheting into all those loops sounded tedious so I jumped right in and learned how to do a foundation single crochet so no long chain to deal with. This is some fun stuff!

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