Friday, March 25, 2011

Having fun!

So the crochet is really becoming something so fun! I am getting good at the pattern I am doing which is called Granny Stripe and I LOVE all the colors.

Color Palate

I think crochet and all the fun color combos are bringing out my inner hippie. I don't plan on making a granny square outfit anytime soon but for blankets and maybe even some pillows it is super fun. The hardest part might be deciding which color to use next. Here is what it looks like so far.

Granny Stripes

I have decided to change it up slightly since the pattern has stripes of just 2 rows each and I am going with a random pattern of different widths. I am hoping now that I have enough yarn as where I bought the yarn has no more left but they do plan to restock. The only problem there is that the dye lots would be different but I think with the stripe pattern it would not be too noticeable. Guess we will see and it might be a "go until you run out of yarn" size.

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