Monday, November 15, 2010

New Ideas

I am currently in the beginning process of a new design. I love lace but I want something warm and cozy so I want to try to get both. I plan to use a worsted weight yarn I just spun up, that is one ply merino and the other is merino/alpaca/angora/silk and cashmere. The yarn is super soft and very squishy but not super exciting looking as I went natural in color. I am thinking scarf as I don't have many. I mostly have shawls and I guess why is because I like the pointy ends. So the new design is going to have pointy ends with lace in the middle. I new twist on the traditional and it is not knit on the bias. The point is going to be right in the middle and on both ends. Here is a quick snapNew Design?

to give you and idea of how it is going to look and I also plan to knit one in a much more fun color to show that it works with both, maybe Malabrigo.

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